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Kaguya Hime by Atressa Kaguya Hime by Atressa
Speed paint while watching Olympic stuff and Craigy Fergy.
Lines are by *aruarian-dancer, though I got them through #color-me-club, and the original can be found at [link]

I tried to go for a looser feel, partly bec. the lines are very shoujo. A lot of shoujo manga covers and drawings have a ephemeral, pastel quality.
....that and I'm very lazy and it's way easier to splot color around than shade every minute detail.
Oh. And the moon is some free clipart from an educational site.


The story of Kaguya Hime is a -very- old Japanese legend, possibly of continental origin. It tells of a bamboo cutter who, on a foray in the forest, sees a strange, glowing stalk of bamboo. Upon cutting it open, he finds a small girl child and takes her home. Moreover, every day after that, when going out to ply his trade, he starts to discover gold nuggests inside the bamboo he cuts. Thus, the girl who is called Kaguya Hime (radiant night princess) is raised in luxury, growing to become a stunningly beautiful woman, luminous as the moon. Her hair is particularly, and unusually luminous.

Although her adoptive parents try to shield her from the outside world, news of her beauty reaches the ears of noble young men who come to seek her hand. However, Kaguya Hime is very particular and demands that each of the suitors (usually 5 in total) perform a task for her. He who completes the task, all of them nigh-on impossible, will win her hand. Needless to say, none of the noblemen succeed.

However, their exploits have brought the existence of the strangely beautiful Kaguya-hime to the Emperor who comes himself to see and seek her hand. Although Kaguya is at least civil this time and does not attempt to send him off on a quest, she refuses him. They remain in contact though as friends of a sort.

As time progresses, Kaguya-hime grows increasingly melancholy, staring up frequently at the moon. She will not, however, tell anyone the reason for her depressed mood. Finally, on night flooded with moonlight, a celestial coterie arrives. Kaguya-hime, sorrow breaking her heart, tells her adopting parents that her true parents and homeland was on the moon. (There are 2 reasons typically given as to why she was put on Earth: One, that there was a celestial war and she needed to be kept safe; two, that she had sinned in heaven and was sent to be among mortals as punishment.) It is now time that she returns to her true home.

Although it breaks her heart, Kaguya-hime says farewell to her parents and writes a letter to the emperor. In some versions, I guess, she also includes an elixir of life to make him immortal, a sort of thank you and I'm sorry.

Her preparations made, one of the celestial entourage drapes a mantle of feathers over her shoulder. Immediately, Kaguya-hime's sadness vanishes, along with all of her human emotions, and she becomes as cold and unfeeling as the moon. She joins her lunar fellows without hesitation, even as her adoptive parents continue to sob and plead with her to stay. Ascending to the heavens, never to return, Kaguya-hime does not look back.

The emperor, upon receiving her letter, sinks into sorrow himself, and demands the letter be burned from the highest mountain top so that the smoke, and thus his lamentations, might reach her in her celestial palace. He also refuses to take the elixir, for living on the Earth without Kaguya-hime in it is an unappealing proposition.

...Anyways. It's a very well known tale, and even featured in a TV special that I used to love as a kid: "Big Bird goes to Japan."
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QueenyTheAWSUM Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconsadplz: the story is so sad... and you´re pic is so beautiful...:iconawwwplz: perfect combination!:squee:
Atressa Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011
Hehe Thanks
QueenyTheAWSUM Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
.icononionx3plz: no prob!^^
Wolfariusorca Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I love how her hair is like moon light in your image, like the legend! :) So many people have her hair very dark.
Atressa Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010
Thank you~
kuroitenshi13 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Professional General Artist
I really like how this one came out~!
Atressa Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010
:) Thanks!
aruarian-dancer Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Professional General Artist
It turned out so lovely! I really like it. Love what you picked for her eye and hair color and the overall glowing look. Very mysterious. :love:
Atressa Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010
:) I'm glad! Wikipedia described Kaguyahime-monogatari as a "proto-sci-fi" story... And um... I sorta ran with that.
Again, thanks for posting the lines!
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